December Student Spotlight: Sophia Love

Sophia Love, Concordia College of Moorhead, majoring in nutrition and dietetics and minoring in Exercise Science, Graduating May of 2022. I am also a member of the MAND 2021-22 Student Board.
Where did you grow up? Fisher, MN
Why did you choose to pursue this degree? My mom is a dietician and my dad is a farmer, I have been around food and people who have made food their careers. Through athletics, meeting new people, and other experiences I have gained a passion for the science of nutrition and the impact nutrition has on a community.
What has surprised you about nutrition and dietetics? The most surprising thing about nutrition and dietetics is the realm of possibilities it holds. With a nutrition degree and an RD credential the possibilities for where you work and what you do are endless.
What career path are you considering? I am currently considering either sports nutrition or community nutrition, both allow me to work with wide ranges of people and be involved with the community.
How has your MAND student membership benefitted you? My MAND membership has allowed me to have access to scholarships, resume building tips, and resources to further my knowledge and contacts in nutrition.
What other interests or hobbies do you have? I am currently president of my nutrition club at Concordia. I love to read, get outdoors, and spend time with my family whenever I can.

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